Mind For Sports is dedicated to the mental development of athletes, with critical information and services for athletes, parents, and coaches.  Mind For Sports is sport psychology at its finest.  The practice is owned and managed by Dr. Temple Temple, a board-certified sport psychologist located in Austin, Texas. No serious athlete denies the importance of the mental game in the pursuit of elite performance.

  • If you are a serious athlete, how much of your training time is devoted to the mental side of your game?
  • Do you know how you tend to perform under pressure?

Identification of your “Athlete’s Profile” will provide insight into how well you handle critical situations in competition,  as well as the best methods for improving your performance when it matters most.

Set yourself ahead of your competition by investing in the mental game.


Enhance Performance

What does it take to get mentally ahead of the game? Learn about how sport psychology can give you techniques to improve your game.

Handle Pressure

How do you perform under pressure? Techniques and talent are not the only exercises to focus. Mental toughness and overcoming anxiety are tools that help win the pressure game.

Find Your Competitive Edge

Working with a sport psychologist gives your young athlete an ideal mental state and competitive edge.

Concussion Management

Concussions are a serious problem in any sport. No athlete participating in such a sport should be playing without having a baseline concussion test.

Dr. Richard Temple, Ph.D., ABSP

Mind for Sports - Dr. Richard Temple Ph.D.Licensed Clinical Psychologist / Neuropsychologist Board-Certified Sport Psychologist American Board of Sport Psychology

Office: 706-B W. Ben White Blvd., Suite 120-B Austin, TX 78704


American Board of Sport Psychology

American Board of Sport Psychology

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