Vision to help Athletes reach new heights and Parents aid their athletes in developing life skills

Welcome to the first blog post at Mind For Sports!  My vision for the Mind For Sports is to present information and insights that allow athletes to reach new heights in their performance, and for parents and coaches to maximally develop both the athletic skills and the life skills of the athletes with whom they work.  There is no shortage of books, videos, clinics, and camps that address every imaginable physical aspect of every sport.  However, it is often the mental skills in sports that are overlooked or poorly understood.

I was inspired to start this web site after many hours of reflecting back on my lifetime in organized sports from the eyes of a clinical psychologist.  My athletic participation did not result in an abundance of prestigious awards, college scholarships, or multi-million dollar contracts (far from it!).  However, I do feel that it contributed to the person I am today and the professional success that I enjoy in other areas of my life.  Not everyone will become an elite athlete.  However, every child will eventually have to grow up (I fought it as long as I could!), interact meaningfully with others, and pursue goals.  On every journey there will be successes and setbacks.  The development of a strong psychological foundation in sports will maximize any chance there is for those prestigious awards and scholarships, but even if those goals are not realized, the end result will be a psychologically strong adult who is well-prepared to tackle the many other challenges in life.

I welcome your feedback, insights.  If there is a topic you would like to see covered, please let me know.  You may contact me via email at  I hope you find the information on this site helpful and inspiring in your development of your own Mind For Sports!