There comes a point in an athlete’s career when he or she decides to strive to reach a higher level of performance. Maybe it’s trying out for the select team, committing to making your college team, or even setting the goal to play professionally. As we have heard countless times before, the difference between the champions and others at those elite levels is very often their mental game. At high levels of competition everyone has good to great fundamentals. It is the mental approach to the game that results in ultimate success.

Win the Mental Game

Make Mistakes Work for YouAs a sport psychologist, I receive many inquiries from athletes who are interested in improving their mental games. Sadly, though, only a minority of those athletes follow through with training. Why is that? Perhaps they decide that it is actually a mechanical or physical flaw that is holding them back. Or maybe they don’t know what to expect from mental training and work with a sport psychologist. Regardless, only a minority of athletes avail themselves of mental training.

This can actually be good news for a strong athlete trying to get to the next level. This information tells you that there is a very important aspect of training that many of your competitors are passing up. This is your chance to make use of a valuable tool to reach your goals! Is it a magic pill or shortcut? No, not by any means. But putting in the effort to develop a champion’s mental game is an investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your career.

So, my question to everyone reading this article is: are you serious? Are you serious about improving your game and reaching an elite level of performance. If so, explore mental training and work with a sport psychologist. You will not regret it.