An Elite athlete knows that to achieve performance excellence. They have to be at their best, not only physically, but mentally as well.

Are you mentally prepared to perform consistently at your optimal level?

Regardless of your skill level, your age, gender, or sport, we help an athlete uate their current performance.  Mind for Sports shows you the skills and mindset needed to reach your goals.  We will reveal concepts to improve your performance and enjoyment of your sport.

Articles for the Athlete


Bowling is a Mental Sport Bowling is a mental sport. Very few accomplished bowlers would argue with this statement. Then why is it that when a bowler is attempting to improve their game, they pursue more revs or the hottest new equipment, rather than mental skills?...

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Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness Recently, I have had two separate discussions, one with a high school football coach, and another with the parent of a young athlete, about sports and toughness.  In both conversations, the individual with whom I was speaking touted sports as the last...

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Defining “Winning” For Young Athletes

Defining "Winning" for Young Athletes At a recent meet for my daughter's swim team, I saw several youngsters who performed wonderfully in their events, but were nonetheless disappointed because other swimmers finished the heat ahead of them.  In every case the parents...

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Mental Roadblocks: An Autobiography

Mental Roadblocks As a child, bowling was my passion.  I practiced every chance I could, attended camps, and took in every bit of information that my coach was willing to share.  I bowled in several leagues each year, and my Dad drove me to tournaments all over the...

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Self-Confidence Is Everything

Confidence Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.  -Henry Ford As athletes, we have all had those times when we were sure that the task before us was well within our abilities, and there were other times when we were not so sure.  You probably...

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Understanding And Overcoming Performance Anxiety – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 in the series "Understanding and Overcoming Performance Anxiety."  So far we have discussed the basics of performance anxiety as well as reducing the cognitive load of the athletic task so that performance is less likely to be adversely affected. ...

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How To Reward Your Child Athlete

How to reward sport performance In the last article, we discussed the importance of focusing on what you can control.  As a parent, coach, or other supporter of a child athlete, it is also important to understand what aspects of a child’s performance should be...

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There Is No “Wrong” In Sports

    Note: This blog post expands on an idea that I originally learned in a USBC Level 1 Coaching Class taught by Tom Little in Conroe, Texas There is No "Wrong" in Sports  The exchange is a familiar one between a young athlete and a coach or parent.  The athlete has a...

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