Keeping our Athletes Safe from Concussions

This week, I attended and made a presentation at a conference hosted by CORE Health Care entitled “Keeping Our Athletes Safe.” In addition to my presentation, the meeting included excellent presentations by Mike Lamb of the “Play it Safe Concussion Care Program,” Dr. Summer Ott, neuropsychologist for the Houston Texans, Houston Aeros, and Houston Dynamos, Brenda Bell, former professional boxer, and Brooke de Lench, founder and editor-in-chief of and Executive Producer and Director of a documentary following a high school football team in Oklahoma that addresses a serious concussion problem among their players. The meeting could not have been more timely, as it occurred following a week in which three major NFL quarterbacks (Jay Cutler, Alex Smith, and Michael Vick) suffered concussions that resulted in being pulled out of their respective games.

Key to keeping athletes safe is collaboration

The meeting was, in a word, FANTASTIC. Each of the presenters called for increased oversight and care for our athletes, both before they sustain a concussion in the form of cognitive baseline testing, as well as proper management of injuries that do occur. Technology is improving at a blinding rate, but make no mistake, there is no helmet or other piece of equipment that can completely prevent concussions. Proper management requires the investment and collaboration among multiple individuals, including coaches, athletic directors, trainers, players, parents, and medical professionals.

Baseline concussion testing

I look forward to increased collaboration with individuals in the community who are dedicated to the safety of our athletes. Feel free to contact me via phone or email with any questions regarding sport concussions, or to complete baseline testing. Working together, we can keep our athletes safe!