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Customized Treatment

Each athlete, each sport, every competition situation is different. We provide customized intervention programs based on your goals and situations. Dr. Temple uses scientifically rigorous methods of sport psychology to carefully assess each athlete and match interventions to each athlete’s particular profile, rather than using a “one size fits all” approach to performance enhancement.

Qualified Advice

Dr. Temple earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  He completed a clinical internship at the Medical University of South Carolina, and a postdoctoral fellowship at Brown Medical School. Dr. Rich is one of a very few psychologists in Texas (and the country, for that matter) to complete this rigorous training under the mentorship of renowned sport psychologist Dr. Roland Carlstedt.

Proven Success

Proven Success with athletes in many sports including golf, swimming, track and field, cycling, tennis, soccer, bowling, baseball, softball, volleyball, rowing, and football.

Treatment Plans

We work with individual athletes, parents, and coaches. Clients can engage in short term or long term programs of work depending on individual needs and requirements.

Our sessions are in person with a combination of time spent based on needs of client. Each client will receive an in-office assessment using Biofeedback to create an individualized Athlete Profile.

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is the electronic monitoring of automatic body functions (e.g., heart rate, muscle tension, skin temperature) to gain voluntary control of that function.  Biofeedback is an advanced mental technique that can help you gain control over reactions to stress that can limit your performance during critical moments in competition.

After profiling, interventions and monitoring options vary based on results and requirements. Day and weekend consultancy is available in your athletic environment. Yearly and competitive season sports psychology programs also available


Learn what inhibits your mental performance in sport.
  • The Bronze assessment is for the athlete seeking basic knowledge about the match between his/her psychological traits and the likelihood of optimal performance in critical competition situations.
  • After completing this assessment and the consultation, you will have a scientific understanding about how you are likely to react to performance-related stress.
  • In-office assessment of your Athlete’s Profile
  • 30-minute consultation with explanation of results


Understand how to respond physiologically during critical moments in competition.
  • The silver package is designed for the athlete seeking a deeper understanding of not only his/her psychological traits and their impact on performance, but also how you respond physiologically during critical moments in competition.
  • Equipped with this knowledge, you will understand what is needed to get from where you are mentally to reaching elite mental states in competition.
  • In-office assessment of your Athlete’s Profile
  • In-office psychophysiological stress testing
  • 60-minute consultation with explanation of results


Reach your individualized zone of optimal functioning with indepth assessment and monitoring.
Price Varies
  • The gold package is the ultimate in scientifically-validated assessment of psychological and physiological performance tendencies in your sport or other performance activity.
  • In addition to the components of the Bronze and Silver packages, you will undergo advanced, scientifically validated assessment of your physiological tendencies during actual competition.
  • This evaluation includes moment-by-moment monitoring of multiple physiological parameters to determine what is needed for you to reach your Individualized Zone of Optimal Functioning.
  • The Gold assessment is a level of psychological assessment and training that few athletes of any level partake, and can truly set on the path of elite mental performance.
  • Price varies by sport.
  • In-office assessment of your Athlete’s Profile
  • In-office psycho-physiological stress testing
  • Psycho-physiological and performance monitoring of game or practice
  • 60-minute consultation with explanation of results

Additional Services

Sport Psychology, Austin TX


Applying a variety of performance techniques and methods, Dr. Temple will demonstrate how you can use aspects of proven sport psychology research into performance.  Interventions vary depending on needs identified from assessment.


Team or individual analysis of athletic performance relative to the importance, or criticality of the game situation.


Each person and situation is unique and Dr. Temple is happy to customize your consult based on individualized needs of athlete, coach, or parent.


The search for knowledge from many teams and athletes has led Dr. Temple to develop customized workshops to improve performance. Recognizing that the mental aspect to the game gives you the competitive edge is what makes success consistent. Call or email Dr. Temple for details:

Phone: 512-694-9191

Dr. Richard Temple, Ph.D., ABSP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist / Neuropsychologist
Board-Certified Sport Psychologist - American Board of Sport Psychology

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