Anxiety in Sport

Learn tools to use with anxiety in athletic field.

Anxiety in SportAnxiety in sport arena is a real phenomenon.

Anyone who has participated in a competitive sport at any level has likely experienced performance anxiety at one point or another.  We also know that it is not unique to sports.  It also occurs in such activities as public speaking, and even performing in a school play.  The setting may be different, but the principles are the same.

Simply speaking, anxiety is a physiological response; a complex interaction between our body and our brain. When we are playing a sport and trying to execute some complex series of movements, it can impair performance.  If you, your child or someone you coach is  “choking” under pressure, anxiety may be the root of the problem.  Anxiety is a complex topic, but you can learn some tools to overcome performance anxiety in sport or any situation.

Mental Skills for Baseball

Mental Skills for Baseball As the chill of winter slowly gives way to sunshine and warmer weather, baseball and softball players around the country are beginning to get ready for the upcoming season. Spring training, from the pros down to Little Leagues, means working...

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Bowling is a Mental Sport Bowling is a mental sport. Very few accomplished bowlers would argue with this statement. Then why is it that when a bowler is attempting to improve their game, they pursue more revs or the hottest new equipment, rather than mental skills?...

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The Other Side of Facing Fear

The Other Side of Facing Fear This weekend, we went on a family camping trip to Inks Lake in Burnet, Texas.  At one end of Inks Lake is "The Devil's Watering Hole," a swimming area surrounded by cliffs.  Our six-year-old daughter Anna was excited about jumping off the...

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Understanding And Avoiding Choking Under Pressure

If you are a golf fan, you no doubt watched or read about Rory McIlroy.  If you didn't, he is the young Irish golfer who was leading this year's Master's tournament by four strokes going into the final round.  Following rounds of 65, 69, and 70 however, disaster...

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Mental Roadblocks: An Autobiography

Mental Roadblocks As a child, bowling was my passion.  I practiced every chance I could, attended camps, and took in every bit of information that my coach was willing to share.  I bowled in several leagues each year, and my Dad drove me to tournaments all over the...

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Self-Confidence Is Everything

Confidence Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.  -Henry Ford As athletes, we have all had those times when we were sure that the task before us was well within our abilities, and there were other times when we were not so sure.  You probably...

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Understanding And Overcoming Performance Anxiety – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 in the series "Understanding and Overcoming Performance Anxiety."  So far we have discussed the basics of performance anxiety as well as reducing the cognitive load of the athletic task so that performance is less likely to be adversely affected. ...

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Overcoming Performance Anxiety – Part 2

Overcoming Performance Anxiety In the last post, I introduced the topic of performance anxiety.  If you recall, there are two basic ways to reduce anxiety to a manageable level in athletic competition: reduce the cognitive load of the athletic task and/or reduce the...

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Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Understanding and Overcoming Performance Anxiety Anyone who has participated in a competitive sport at any level has likely experienced performance anxiety at one point or another.  We also know that it is not unique to sports.  It also occurs in such activities...

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There Is No “Wrong” In Sports

    Note: This blog post expands on an idea that I originally learned in a USBC Level 1 Coaching Class taught by Tom Little in Conroe, Texas There is No "Wrong" in Sports  The exchange is a familiar one between a young athlete and a coach or parent.  The athlete has a...

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