Performance Enhancement

Athletes will learn information about using psychological concepts to improve your performance and enjoyment of participation. Mastering the mental game provides a direct correlation to performance enhancement.

Control, Focus, Confidence, Dealing with Pressure are factors that come into the game that need attention and coaching. Consider a balanced emotional approach to your game if it is your goal to improve and reach that next level.

If you are totally committed to reaching an elite level in your game, give some thought to your next financial investment in your game.

Are you Serious

There comes a point in an athlete's career when he or she decides to strive to reach a higher level of performance. Maybe it's trying out for the select team, committing to making your college team, or even setting the goal to play professionally. As we have heard...

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Mental Skills for Baseball

Mental Skills for Baseball As the chill of winter slowly gives way to sunshine and warmer weather, baseball and softball players around the country are beginning to get ready for the upcoming season. Spring training, from the pros down to Little Leagues, means working...

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Bowling is a Mental Sport Bowling is a mental sport. Very few accomplished bowlers would argue with this statement. Then why is it that when a bowler is attempting to improve their game, they pursue more revs or the hottest new equipment, rather than mental skills?...

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Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness Recently, I have had two separate discussions, one with a high school football coach, and another with the parent of a young athlete, about sports and toughness.  In both conversations, the individual with whom I was speaking touted sports as the last...

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Defining “Winning” For Young Athletes

Defining "Winning" for Young Athletes At a recent meet for my daughter's swim team, I saw several youngsters who performed wonderfully in their events, but were nonetheless disappointed because other swimmers finished the heat ahead of them.  In every case the parents...

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Understanding And Avoiding Choking Under Pressure

If you are a golf fan, you no doubt watched or read about Rory McIlroy.  If you didn't, he is the young Irish golfer who was leading this year's Master's tournament by four strokes going into the final round.  Following rounds of 65, 69, and 70 however, disaster...

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