Performance Enhancement

Athletes will learn information about using psychological concepts to improve your performance and enjoyment of participation. Mastering the mental game provides a direct correlation to performance enhancement.

Control, Focus, Confidence, Dealing with Pressure are factors that come into the game that need attention and coaching. Consider a balanced emotional approach to your game if it is your goal to improve and reach that next level.

If you are totally committed to reaching an elite level in your game, give some thought to your next financial investment in your game.

Mental Roadblocks: An Autobiography

Mental Roadblocks As a child, bowling was my passion.  I practiced every chance I could, attended camps, and took in every bit of information that my coach was willing to share.  I bowled in several leagues each year, and my Dad drove me to tournaments all over the...

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Self-Confidence Is Everything

Confidence Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.  -Henry Ford As athletes, we have all had those times when we were sure that the task before us was well within our abilities, and there were other times when we were not so sure.  You probably...

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Understanding And Overcoming Performance Anxiety – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 in the series "Understanding and Overcoming Performance Anxiety."  So far we have discussed the basics of performance anxiety as well as reducing the cognitive load of the athletic task so that performance is less likely to be adversely affected. ...

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Focus On What You Can Control

Control is never achieved when sought after directly.  It is the surprising outcome of letting go. -James Arthur Ray Focus on What you can Control If you ask an athlete in a particular sport about what their goal is for a given game, the response will be predictable. ...

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