A championship team works together seamlessly to achieve a common goal while exceeding expectations, and it takes communication, leadership and team mental training techniques to win.

The dynamics of teamwork don’t come naturally as it takes athletes to put the team goals and needs above personal glory and achievement. If your team needs help defining goals, nurturing effective leaders, and working as a cohesive unit, Mind for Sports can offer the guidance necessary to make a championship team.


We tailor our sport psychology clinics to help your team/group improve its performance. Overall, the goal of the workshops are to provide the team with practical, real-world strategies so they can make the performance improvements they desire.

Articles for Team Training

Mental Skills for Baseball

Mental Skills for Baseball As the chill of winter slowly gives way to sunshine and warmer weather, baseball and softball players around the country are beginning to get ready for the upcoming season. Spring training, from the pros down to Little Leagues, means working...

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Keeping Athletes Safe From Concussions

Keeping our Athletes Safe from Concussions This week, I attended and made a presentation at a conference hosted by CORE Health Care entitled "Keeping Our Athletes Safe." In addition to my presentation, the meeting included excellent presentations by Mike Lamb of the...

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Take Instruction Only As Directed

Take Instruction Only as Directed The late renowned golf coach Harvey Penick was known for likening instruction to medicine.  He would caution his students that when he gave them instruction to "not take the whole bottle."  He also warned against taking medication...

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Dr. Richard Temple, Ph.D., ABSP

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Board-Certified Sport Psychologist - American Board of Sport Psychology

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